We are very proud of our excellent reputation!  Below are written testimonials of what athletes, parents, coaches and community members have said about working with us. 

"I can say that it was a blessing to meet Coach Shannon Riley!  The Dream Scouting Network was instrumental in my recruiting journey.  Coach Riley taught me a lot in regards to the recruiting process as well as how I should go about selecting the college I want to attend. Coach Riley emphasized that even though I was a student athlete, the student part is really huge when selecting a college.  Coach Riley became a mentor to me during the recruiting process.  He definitely followed through on what he said.  He helped me every step of the way.  Without the help of Coach Riley and his staff, there is no doubt in my mind that I would not have a scholarship to a great school such as West Liberty University.  Thank you Coach Riley!  I trusted the Dream Process and so should other prospective student-athletes and families!

J'aire Pritchett

West Liberty University



"Coach Riley and the Dream Scouting Network was instrumental in my recruiting.  I needed help and Coach Riley took me under his wing.  He knew I had Division I level talent and exhausted every option to make my dream come true.  He helped me with my presentation to coaches and helped give me resources little in my area knew existed.  He even personally trained me and took me to showcases and college visits.  The recruiting process was tough but I had the confidence that Coach Riley would help me in every aspect.  I can't thank him enough for helping me earn a Division 1 football scholarship at Delaware State University."  

Michael Credle

Delaware State University



"Talent alone will not guarantee a college athletic scholarship. You need connections to college programs.  Coach Riley has been supportive and has shared my information to hundreds of college programs, making phone calls, emails, and other communications for me.  Coach Riley has been there every step of the way and it resulted in over 30 Division 1 scholarship offers including Alabama, Oklahoma, Florida and Penn State to name a few. Thanks Coach Riley!"

Clark Phillips III

La Habra High School



"As a member of the Philadelphia Eagles' Hall of Fame, I know the importance of chasing your dreams!  I was told I was too small when I was in high school.  I did not have someone pushing my information to college programs.  I wish I had a program like the Dream Scouting Network when I was in school.  Shannon is a great friend of mine and I love what his program is doing for young people across the country.  Many are overlooked and need help.  Shannon helps guide them and build their exposure.  I am proud to endorse his program as the best not only in Delaware but in the region.  I look forward to continuing my supporting the Dream Scouting Network!  Thanks for the great work you do for families Shannon!"  

Brian Westbook

Philadelphia Eagles

Hall of Fame Running Back



"Shannon has worked with CJ since his 6th grade year.  He has taught him the ins and outs of recruiting at an early age so he would be prepared entering high school.  Shannon has also trained CJ so he would be ready to step in as a freshman and start from day one on the #2 ranked team in the state of Delaware.  Shannon has always been there for  my son and there is no other program I would want him a part of.  CJ is in great hands with the Dream Scouting Network!"  

Parent of CJ Henry

Hodgson VoTech High School



"I can't say enough about how Shannon has helped Shaneese through the recruiting process.  He developed a recruiting game plan and it has worked so well.  There is so much we did not know as parent about recruiting but Shannon was there to educate us.  We have been contacted by over 50 colleges and have multiple official visits set up at Division I programs.  Shaneese was overlooked but no more thanks to Shannon and the Dream Scouting Network!"  

Parent of Shaneese LaMons

Smyrna High School

Track and Field

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"We really appreciate all of Shannon Riley's help. We had many questions that Shannon and his staff answered for us.  We wanted to find the right fit academically and athletically for our son.  Shannon was coach of the year in football so we valued his opinion and knowledge.  He put together a recruiting game plan, putting together quality evaluation and exposure videos and recruiting materials for colleges.  We had many coach reach out to us from various levels of the NCAA.  Thanks to Shannon's help and guidance we found the perfect fit four our son.  He loves his school, coaches and teammates.  Thanks again Coach for being there with us step by step!"

Parents of Alexis Green

Wesley College