Athlete Spotlight: Luke Petitta, A Rising Star

Luke Petitta is one to watch out for in the class of 2023!  He is a hybrid WR/TE who attends Riverview High School in Sarasota, Florida.  At only the age of 14, Luke is stands at 6’3 185lbs.  He is projected to be 6'5 225lbs by the end of his senior year.

Dream Scouting Network President & Director of Scouting, Shannon Riley, broke down Luke's film.  Here are a few takeaways:


Offensively, Luke runs solid routes and showcases excellent, strong hands.  He has decent speed.  If a defender does not respect his speed and plays him close to the line of scrimmage, he can beat him up the seam or on a jump ball on a fade route.  Luke is a difference maker in the game as his physicality, strength, and leaping ability is incredible.   He has a keen nose for the ball.  You can see in the film he understands finding wholes in coverage.  In the film below, he settles nicely in the hole of the defense.  Luke is tenacious as a blocker.  He has a play on his film where he engages with a defensive back and finishes the block in the back of the endzone.  There a plenty of players who can run routes and catch the ball.  This is the type of effort and play that stands out to college coaches.  Defensively, Luke plays defensive end.  He has a high motor.  He can play the run but excels at pressuring the QB.


Luke enjoys being a student of the game.  In addition to his team's pre-season and off-season training, He spends countless hours training with former NFL players who live in the Sarasota area.  He also participates in 7v7 with one of the top teams in Florida.  Because of Luke's dedication and hard work, he has earned a spot on the varsity team.  It is rare for a freshman to move up to this level at the school which has over 2600 students. 

Luke carries a 4.36 GPA.  He understands the importance of being a student-athlete.  "I was taught very early on that grades are everything to be able to go to a good college. I have been able to maintain an "A" average even with rigorous classes to earn entrance to a prestigious college.  I always work hard and play hard.  Even my coaches take notice. Getting a high academic education is extremely important." 


College coaches love student-athletes with great drive and great character on and off the field.  Luke's coaches and teammates praise him on his leadership and determination.  He will be an asset for any college football program.  The Dream Scouting Network is excited to assist him in his recruiting journey!


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