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Primary Role of a Director of scouting 

The Primary role of a Dream Scouting Network Director of Scouting is to identify as many quality prospects as possible in your territory and evaluate those prospects in person or via video.  After evaluation, we then make appointments to meet with those athletes and families to interview them in their homes or in the community.  This allows us to begin to build a real connection with our athletes and their families, understand exactly where they are in the process and what needs to be done moving forward.  Our Directors of Scouting are accessible 24/7 to the athletes they work with.  It is critical to educate the family about the recruiting process and explain in great detail the Dream Scouting Network mission and values.    


The Dream Scouting Network Directors of Scouting are Licensees/Independent Contractors who work in their own territories and with whom we partner.   As a licensee, you do the actual scouting of the athletes and the corporate operation does all the promoting to colleges. You don't have to have any special training or background to be successful in our business – just a love for sports and being around young athletes and their families. 

If you like sports and being in an environment of high school, club, and college sports then this is the greatest business in the world for you.   Not only is it a fun business but helping young athletes fulfill their dreams is very satisfying – and financially rewarding.  ​ Recruiting has become very competitive and the promotion of our athletes is vital to their scholarship opportunity. This is an industry that is not affected by the economy and it is one that will continue to grow in the future. Exclusive territories are available in several locations throughout the country.   If you have what it takes to join the Dream Scouting Network team, please complete the form below. 

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