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Athlete Spotlight
malcolm lovett
When I was 8 years old, I first picked up a basketball, however did not take it completely serious until the 8th grade and began working hard. My family history of athletes and watching older and more talented players play the game made me work harder. Shooting Guard is my main position. I have also played Point Guard, because of my ball handling and play making abilities. Small Forward is another position I can play. I have strong mid-range and post game. I also use my athleticism to get to the basket well. I averaged 15 ppg, 1blk, 1stl, 6 rebs, and 4asts with my AAU team. My high school season I averaged 5ppg, 1blk, 4 rebs. I also run the 400 meter, 4x4 relay, High Jump, as well as the Long Jump
My personal athletic goal is to get to the highest level of basketball I can possibly play. With repeated work, I believe I can do it. As of now in high school however it is to become one of the best players in the area and truly showcase my wide range of skills every time I hit the court. My team goal is to go to the state championship next year if we work hard we can obtain the results. I believe I am a very tough player and I can hustle and make the effort many other players choose not to as well as use my length and scoring to my advantage. Coaches, teammates, and teachers would describe me as a hard-worker who doesn’t take the easy way out and wants to do everything to the best of my ability.
I volunteer at a senior home for American war veterans as well as many other different smaller projects such as painting stands for middle schools or helping out at different events. My GPA is a 3.5 and I participate in International Baccalaureate which is a rigorous academic program that gives me more opportunity for college options. I am also a really good communicator and this leads into my compatibility and reliability as a teammate because I am trustworthy and I show that both on and off the court.
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