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Athlete Spotlight
dshun edwards
I started playing basketball at the age of 10. My brother was my influence. He’s the reason why I began playing basketball. My primary position is Shooting Guard. I can play the Wing and Point Guard also. In High School, I played Forward and Wing because on my rebounding ability and hustle. My stats from the past were 13 points, 11 rebounds, 3 assists, 1.8 steals, and 4 blocks. I’ve finished the season with 15 double doubles leading the conference. I do track & field also. I run the 800m and triple jump along with long jump. I qualified in regionals for both.
My personal athletic goals are to train my mind to get stronger and build on muscle to go with my long figured body while being on a nutritious diet. My team goals are to boost the work performance, create loyalty to the program and my coach, and improve intensity in practice. What makes me standout from other student-athletes are my grades and responsibility I take honors and never procrastinate. Colleges should take a chance on me because I will be the most hardworking player they have ever met and I play with a high motor and leave everything out on the court.
To the naysayers who may doubt my abilities I say watch me 4 years from now and see me at the pro level of basketball. My coach, teammates, and teachers will describe me as the most hardworking and enthusiastic person they’ve ever met. I volunteer for Peace- makers demolition. My GPA is 2.94 it will go up to a 3.00 from taking English honors and my college course by the end of the school year. My SAT score is 920.
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