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Athlete Spotlight
dorian bunton
Dorian Khalil Bunton is a 6’4 320 offensive tackle from New Jersey. We recently sat down with him to discover more about him as a person and athlete.
I started playing football when I was seven years old. I played football because of my brother. He was the big man on campus. and he was one of the strongest lineman on the team. At that age you always want to do what your older siblings were doing, and so I chose to try out football. My Primary position is Offensive Tackle. As of right now I can all the position on the line including center. I also play defensive lineman and end. When I first started playing football no surprise, I was offensive tackle. I always want to be proactive, so I joined track my freshman and junior year. I did shotput and discus.
My athletic goal is to be better than I was yesterday. I want to be a different person on and off the field. If I work towards my goals and it gets me to the next level then God bless me. My team goal is to be united as one. If one fails, we all fail. If it’s one thing my high school coach taught me it’s that football is not just a sport. It’s a brotherhood that bonds you for life. I want my team to not just be teammates but to be brothers. I'll show up every day to show my worth. I don't care if I have to go up against a starter on the team, or a player that's been there for a year or two. I'll fight for my spot on the team. I'm teachable, versatile and strong on the line. I've been through a lot. I almost lost my father and my mother before I graduated high school. I play with heart. I know coaches hear from every athlete because they say that to get attention from a coach. I say that I play with heart because I am a 6'4" 320 pound untamed beast that's been overlooked.
My coach, teammates and teachers describe me as a tall, friendly giant off the field when I do volunteer work and other charity work for my community. On the field I am a 6'5" 320 pound man waiting to put the hurt on others. I volunteer for the annual hoagie sale for my school to help with families that lost loved ones. I do a lot of volunteering at other organizations that I can't list all of them. I received DECA award for 2nd Best in the District (Region) for Selling and Marketing. I received Blue Grey All American and played at AT&T Stadium in 2018. I played at the All America Classic Bowl in Florida in January. I am excited to be with the
Dream Scouting Network!
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