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Athlete Spotlight
alyssa balbuena
I started getting to know the basics of soccer at 12 years old. So I was in 6th grade and was the girls soccer team manager. I actually started playing really late at 8th grade but fell in love with the training so when I tell people that they are like, “Really? How are you so developed?” and I say the same thing always, “ I fell in love with the process.” I still remember the first person to influence me. Her name was Faith Bomberry and one of my friends in 6th grade. She was the one who encouraged me to become the girls soccer team manager, she was also really good so I wanted to be just like her. Coming from a baseball and hockey family, I wanted to be one of the first to play soccer. My primary position I would say is midfield, but honestly coach could put me anywhere he needs me and I will be there. My freshman year on varsity I started as left back, but he would also put my forward as well. As a sophomore on varsity, I played attacking and defensive mid, and also wing. I can easily say I could be put anywhere. My freshman year on varsity, I scored 9 goals and had about 5 or 6 assists. So even though I was mainly a defender, I took any opportunity to score. As a sophomore who plays club on a U19 indoor team, our winter season… which was left unfinished, I scored exactly 19 goals in 15 games. Soccer has always been the sport I was dedicated to and hoping a future for, but I was supposed to run track… yet that season got cancelled due to COVID-19. In track, I would have ran sprints and mid distance.
My personal athletic goals are the following: Create a name for my soccer career and make first team in my high school soccer career. I also want to make a difference at my high school by inspiring and leading others. I want to better my confidence as a player as well. My team goals are the following: Have a positive mindset and build strong chemistry. Make sure we build off of each other and support each other on and off the field. What makes me stand out the most is my hard-work and dedication to soccer. I even have an Instagram Soccer Page @AlyssaBalbuenaSoccer where I showcase my training sessions, film, skills etc. Even if I may not be the best of the best, I am willing to work up to that standard and put my all forwards that. I always want to better myself as an athlete. The naysayers are the ones who pushed me to work harder. I still remember hearing people say, “She’s not even good.”, “She’s not going to make varsity.” And yes, those are real words pertaining to me… They all pushed me harder so thank you for that!
My coach would describe me as dedicated and hard-working. He even told me I fit in so well with the girls (because I was new to the team this year, I moved to NY from Japan). My teachers would describe me as intelligent, diligent, and persistent. I take my education very serious. My teammates told me I am inspiring and such a hard-worker. I have participated in a welcome club which welcomes new students to my school and I also volunteer with the JROTC program with events to better the community. I am a 2- Time Presidents Academic Award, 2-Time High Honor Roll award, 4.0 GPA overall in Highschool. I moved to NY from Japan where I played soccer there for two years. I experienced playing against Japanese players and since they are more on the technical side of soccer. I am always complemented on my footwork.
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