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I Dream Educational Services

"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest."

~ Ben Franklin


Recruiting Education & Academic consultation

RECRUITING EDUCATION:  I Dream Educational Services has developed The Dream Masterclass 1.0, an exclusive, one of a kind system, which provides intense recruiting coordination and academic consultation.  The Dream Masterclass 1.0 helps student-athletes and families navigate through their recruiting journey.  The program provides weekly lessons and action steps, recruiting tips, links to SAT practice sites, recruiting educational activities, connections to college programs and more!   

ACADEMIC CONSULTING:  I Dream Educational Services provides individual student-athlete management and life coaching.  Academic Coaches, work directly with your school acting as a student-athlete advocate, managing academic success and life skills, working to change their mindset regarding academics, improve their chances of maintaining academic eligibility and increase their willingness to accept personal responsibility and make successful decisions.

ACADEMIC EVALUATIONS/PLANNING:  I Dream Educational Services evaluates existing transcripts and identifies potential eligibility/graduation risks; creates academic plans for each athlete; offers strategies for academic success moving forward.

  • Academic Planning and Course Selection

  • SAT I & II Test Preparation Planning

  • Selection Of Extracurricular Activities

  • Volunteer Placement

  • Determine the right level of participation, achievement, and leadership in extracurricular and co-curricular activities

  • Career Counseling

  • Leadership Building Skills

  • Student - Parent - Teacher Relationship Building Strategies

  • Summer Planning: Work, Research, Travel, Summer School / Camp

  • Plans For Winter Break

  • Motivation, Goal-setting, Time Management

  • Study Skills 

  • Interview Preparation

  • Summer Reading List

  • Create & Update Target College List


1. contact us about your goals

Share the details about your individual, school and team goals.  Discuss how we can support achieving your goals.

2. develop strategic plan

We use proven principles to inspire and empower you and your team to perform at the highest possible level.


Individuals, teams and schools regain their passion and create a strong and maintainable future.
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