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Your Territory

All Regional Scouting Directors have their own territory. Each territory will consist of multiple cities and/or counties in your area. Territories are assigned on first come basis. You have free reign within your territory to contact school athletic directors and coaches, athletic training sites, AAU team, travel teams, tournaments and more.

Thoroughly scouting multiple counties is difficult for one person. There are thousands of student-athletes in each area. As a Regional Scouting Director, you can bring staff in your territories to help make contacts and sign student-athletes. You will get a percentage of all student-athletes who are signed by your staff. The percentage is taken away from the company and not from your staff.

Please respect other scouting director’s territories. If you want to scout in another territory, please contact me to see if there is another scouting director assigned to that area.

We want to make as many connections as possible. When you talk to schools, AAU & travel teams and training centers, please talk to them about being an official partner with their programs. We want to create strong bonds with programs. This could lead to a pipeline of potential student-athletes. There is also strength in numbers. When a prospective family looks at our program and sees the testimonials and the community partnerships, it shows credibility of the program. This partnership is always free for the community programs and we can list their program and logo on our site at no cost.

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