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Your Comfort Zone

You should be comfortable speaking with coaches and families. When scouting student-athletes, choose the sports of which you are most familiar. If you only played football in high school or college, I highly suggest you start by only scouting football players. It will make is easy to evaluate players and hold conversations with coaches and families.

I played football, basketball and ran track. These were the 3 sports I focused on when I started the program. When I stopped into schools, I asked for the coaches of these teams. I brought credibility because I played these sports and had a firm understanding about skill level required to get to the next level.

As a scouting director, you can bring on staff who may be an expert in a sport you are not as familiar with. The first person I asked to assist me was strong in baseball. He helped by talking to baseball coaches and going to baseball showcases to scout. I highly encourage you to build a staff to help you.

Please let me know what sports you are focusing on in your territory. If it is a new sport, I will have to research college coaches contact information. We currently are set up for football, basketball (men and women), track/cc (men and women) and baseball. The process works for any sport so please encourage all to join and we will work behind the scenes to build the database.

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