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The Program

The Dream Process, is a comprehensive recruiting program. There are 3 aspects to the program: 1. Education of the Recruiting Process, 2. Building Online Brand and Social Media Exposure, 3. Making College Connections.

We have the Dream Masterclass to provide the recruiting foundation of all our student-athletes and families. The athlete and parents are added to our system and receive weekly recruiting tips and action steps. The action steps consist of completing recruiting questionnaires, sending emails and more. The masterclass runs for 2 years.

Building brand is very important and overlooked by so many student-athletes and families. We want to have their name online in various forms and fashions. We create highlight videos, graphic design pictures and quotes about leadership and determination. College coaches, showcase directors and camp directors follow our page and inquire about our prospects. We provide 2-3 posts a month for our student-athletes.

We have software system that shares our prospect’s information to various levels of the NCAA and NAIA. We want to be proactive with our student-athletes. We also send personal recommendations to college recruiters.

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