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Setting Home Visit

There are several benefits to an in home meeting: Shows that you are interested in the customer and building the bond. 1. Builds Credibility 2. Establishes trust 3. Decreases anxiety and tension 4. Shows that you are different in the market place 5. Creates Excitement and Urgency

What do we want to accomplish during this phase? Determine what they want to accomplish (their goals). Investigate the current situation (college feeback). Discuss barriers and needs.

The Script: Good afternoon (Parent’s first name), My name is Shannon Riley, a college scout from the Dream Scouting Network. I am reaching out to you to follow up on (athlete’s name) entering their information in our database. We evaluate student-athletes and share their recruiting information to college programs. I would love to meet with you to discuss (athlete’s name) current recruiting status and see how we may be able to help build his recruiting exposure and connections. We would also like to feature him/her on our social media outlets to college recruiters and showcase directors after our conversation.

We can meet in your home, in the community or at the school. We want to make this meeting convenient for you and (athlete's name).

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