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Director Role After Enrollment

We are a customer first program. We want all families to feel a connection to the program after they officially sign up.

We accomplish this by working on their behalf by sending 10 emails a month to college recruiters. We also want a monthly check-in via email or phone with each student-athlete and family. During this check-in, you will detail the work you have done for them and also ask if they have completed any questionnaires or sent any emails to college coaches. You can ask what camps or showcases they plan to attend it if is close to summer time. If it is during their season, ask about how they are doing and if they have any stats, pictures and/or articles.

All directors are required to log into the staff portal and enter in their monitoring form each month. The form asks how many high school programs did you visit, how many training facilities did you visit and how many youth programs did you contact? We also want to know any obstacles you face each month?

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