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Building Community Connections

We want to build as many warm leads as possible in your area. The key to that is visibility and information sharing. When you set your weekly and monthly schedule, you should visit as many of the following as possible: 1. High School Athletic Directors 2. High School Coaches 3. Travel Team Coaches 4. AAU Coaches 5. 7v7 Coaches 6. Athletic Trainers 7. Parents 8. Athletes

By working with these people, talking to ADs, coaches, and establishing official partnerships, you will be able to discuss potential prospects, pass out cards & print informational brochures! We want information to be easily accessible for student-athletes and families. As they get directed to our site, they can enter contact information and we can follow up. You are a scout/recruiter….NOT A SALESMAN! NEVER EVER say you want to talk to anyone about signing up for services during the initial meeting. This triggers FEAR and Flight instincts. You say you are a scout and are gathering information for college programs. You want as many student-athletes in the database as possible.

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