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Class of 
Center/Defensive End/Long Snapper
Clinton High School
Gray Court
South Carolina
Desired Major:

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My name is Rion (pronounced Ryan). I’m 16 years old and live in Gray Court, SC. I am
homeschooled with a 3.85 GPA, I play Varsity football at Clinton High School, Clinton, SC. I
have recently been awarded a 4-star rating by Dream Scouting Network and The National Radar. I was the starting varsity center and long snapper this past season amassing 80+ knockdown blocks while giving up zero sacks and a 94% average grade for the season. I was named as All-Region Honorable Mention and also to the All-county team. I am also 2023
Region 4-AAA 220lb Wrestling Champion and the 2023 Region II 220lb Strength Champion. On
January 7th, 2023, I played center and guard in the Dream All American Rising Stars game at AT&T Stadium, Dallas TX, this was a second time selection for this event.  Although, I am an early undergraduate I have already experienced both winning and losing, not just in football but
in life itself. When I was three years old my dad deployed to Afghanistan, and I did not understand why he was leaving. Although, while he was gone my papa stepped in as a father figure and we became super close. My dad returned home from his deployment in July 2011, and everything was great. Then, in November, my papa (who drove a truck) passed away from a heart attack while driving. He had left for work early so he could be home later in the day for my football game. At four years old all I knew was papa was not coming and I thought it was my
fault. My parents assured me that it was not my fault, but I still did not want to play football
anymore. My family asked me, “What do you think your papa would want you to do?” and my
answer was to play ball. So, I did and anytime I feel I’m not good enough or fast enough I just
remember I’m playing in my papa’s honor. Along with my life’s lessons I have had to overcome
some physical limitations, as I was legally blind until I was eight years old. I had to have eye
surgery (four to be exact) I had been walking around, playing football and baseball, and doing
my schoolwork basically blind. After, the surgeries my vision was corrected to 20/50. However, I
was no longer able to play baseball, that is when I knew football was going to be my sport. So, I started working harder to improve anyway I could. I started dance classes to help with balance and footwork, started attending as many football camps as possible and learning all I could. Learning to overcome obstacles, manage the joys of victory and perseverance through the pain of loss and defeat, has helped me grow into the student-athlete I am today. On top of football, I am also a competitive dancer in clogging (2020 & 2022 Mr. America's Clogging Hall of
Fame and UCA World Champion), and I am also on the varsity wrestling team. Dance has really
helped me improve my footwork, speed, balance, and grace on the football field. As I continue my 10th grade year, I have had great success in my academics. My plan is to maintain high academic standards throughout high school and college to ensure I receive an education I can use after athletics.

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Recruit Nation - Regional Scout

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DSN - Scouting Director



83 Knockdown blocks
Zero Sacks Allowed
94% Blocking Grade Average
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