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Class of 
Third and Catcher
Lee’s Summit High School
Lee’s Summit
Desired Major:
Physical therapist

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Hi, I’m Lia Hill. I am a 2023 graduate out of Lee’s Summit, Missouri. I am currently a sophomore at Lee’s Summit High School. I have been on Varsity both years but this year I was able to play in my first varsity game, I started almost every game towards the end of the season. I am currently playing for Bryan Johnson on Texas Glory KC 16U. We are a first year team as we started last fall together. On his team I am the starting third baseman and when I’m not I am playing catcher or resting. Since this is something I would write for a college coach I would like to explain myself. I would say I am somewhat coachable and I am still working on it and these past few years I have got a lot better at being more coachable. My work ethic is decent but has definitely gotten better over the years. Since being on this new team I have been able to have daily workouts to keep me in shape.I would also like to talk about my student life, I would say I’m a decent student and as of last school year my GPA is a 3.5 and it has since been getting better. School is hard for me and I have been trying to focus on it more than softball at the moment since my grades are more important at this time since I am in high school and will be going to college in a few years. As of now I am leaning towards the medical field, a physical therapist is what I want to be. Since I want to go into that career I might have to look into a lot of different colleges to see if it would be right for me. I also wanted to say that I do have a hitting coach Terry Parker, Father of Paige Parker who was a pitcher at Oklahoma University. I have been going to him for the past 3 years and I have improved a ton. My weakness of this game is being able to tell what pitch it is and focusing on the ball leaving the pitcher’s hand when I’m hitting, it has definitely improved since it was one thing I truly focused on in the off season. I would like to say thank you for all the college coaches that were able to read this and I would love to hear some feedback on what else you would like to know. I tried to hit all the most important things but I know there are lots more I could say that is probably important too. This was the first letter I have sent to a college coach and I hope it was decent. If it could’ve been better please let me know. Thank you, Lia Hill. Ps.My Twitter is @lhill2023, Instagram users are @liadhill and @liahillsoftball. Email: Phone# 8169448947.

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72 mph overhand
1-4 10.6
4-1 3.3
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