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Class of 
Lennard High School
Desired Major:
Forensic Science/Marketing

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My name is Kourtland Rashad Mitchell. I am 17 years old and a senior at Lennard High School in Ruskin, Florida. Ruskin is located in the southern portion of Hillsborough County, Florida. Matthew Kitchie is my head coach. There are two other men that I admire that serve as Assistant Coaches; Khristopher Ramsey and Matt Reece. They are two of the guiding forces that are helping me become a more versatile player. These two coaches never let me settle for less than my best and for that, I am deeply appreciative.

I started off playing wide receiver this year, but my coach is pushing me out of my comfort zone. Not only do I play receiver, I am playing outside linebacker and defensive end. Playing these two positions is pushing me to be a better athlete and it shows my flexibility. I feel honored that my coaches have faith and confidence in my abilities. Being flexible, staying hungry, but humble are what makes me a good candidate for a college team. From a young age, my mom always told me to study my craft not matter what I chose to do in life. I took her advice! I study all things sports: Stats, history, players, and especially playbooks. To play at the next level a person must be committed. I am a firm believer that knowledge is indeed power.
I've been playing sports since I was 5 years old. The first sport I participated in was football. I played for the Nuccio Jaguars. From day one my coaches saw the fire in my eyes to compete. They helped me to focus on my strengths, but also made me aware of my weaknesses so that I could become better in those areas. I started playing basketball when I was in fourth grade. I played for the Skills Center and was blessed to received guidance from Chris Ward. As much as I like basketball, football is my passion. Currently, I'm striving to get things in order with the hopes that I will be recruited to play collegiate football. I am in the process of increasing my grade point average, completing community service in my school, my church, and my community.

My focus is to be a student that is an athlete. I've made mistakes in my early years of high school, and I am now on the right path. My collegiate goals are to major in forensic science and marketing. I have also thought about going to medical school to be a pathologist. I know I must be committed, focused, and mature to play any collegiate sport. I am considered a leader on my team. I try to guide fellow players that struggle playing their positions and give advice when it comes to other aspects that may be going on in their lives.

As I close, I want to reiterate my desire to play past the secondary level. I know I must work harder on my academics, as well as my physical and mental skills. My number one priority is to be strong academically and be successful in college. I want to make my mother proud by attaining a college education and playing on the collegiate level. When you have a mother with a PhD, it is hard not to strive for excellence. She pushes me, and I often give her push back, but I know she is doing what is necessary so I can be successful in life. I pray that a coach in need of a versatile and agile player that is hungry will read my personal statement and take a chance on me!

Kourtland Rashad Mitchell #1
Lennard High School Longhorns.

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