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Southeastern RVT High School
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Hello, to whomever this may concern, my name is James Cordon. I am a student at Southeastern Regional Vocational Technical High School. I study the Culinary trade and plan to be a chef in the future. I am a very well rounded student and athlete. I would like to say that I have a lot of perseverance and don’t give up easily on tasks. I’m dedicated and committed to school, which means that no assignment will go unfinished. If you need someone who can juggle multiple tasks without worry then that’s definitely me. I am a very responsible young adult and take my tasks very seriously. I never put them off or procrastinate; I try to do everything as quick and efficiently as possible. While doing anything I will always have a smile on my face. That’s the optimistic side of me. I always look at the glass half full, not half empty.
Outside of school I enjoy many activities. One of them definitely has to be spending time with friends and family. Sometimes school and sports get the best of me and unwinding in the comfort of your own home with the people you love is amazing. I also enjoy community service. When I’m not working and when I’m not at school, volunteering at my local Boys and Girls Club or dinner parties that my trade hosts is always a good idea. It keeps me content and away from bad influences within my neighborhood. Also working with kids is always a great experience and they entertain me all the time. The last thing I do often is read and write. I love to read non-fiction, science fiction, fiction, and definitely all the classics. In this day and age you won’t find a lot of kids who read but to be completely honest I believe it's beneficial towards the way you speak and writings of your own. It's actually a great way to pass time if you sit down and get into a good book or writing an involving story.
There’s a few reasons why I want to go to college. The first reason is that none of my siblings have made it to college. They have all taken the wrong path and my dad would like for me to be the first to start and finish college. My siblings have shaped me into who I am today leading me in the right direction and keeping me away from things that steered them away from there goals. Another reason why I want to go to college is my determination to be in the NFL. I understand such a small percentage make it but that doesn’t stop me from working hard to achieve my goal. The last and most important reason is my mother’s wishes. Before she passed, she always talked to me about going to college and how proud she would be if I did. She always pushed me to do my best and to always have that determination and drive to do better. She’s one of the main reasons I want to go to, and finish, college.
College opens up many doors. Even though I go to a trade school, which means I can start working right after high school, I still want to further my education just in case my goal changes. Going to college opens up your opportunities for better jobs. Now I still would enjoy and pursue a chef position at any restaurant, I just want to have a wide variety of job choices just in case my passion changes. College could also push my culinary skills to the next level and give me even more experience to be qualified for a better position as any head or executive chef. I also wanna be the first in my immediate family to finish college. That’s a big goal for me and what I want for myself because I want to be the absolute best I can be at everything I do or pursue.
There’s a few traits that I have about myself that I’m most proud of. Number one, I am compassionate. I have the biggest heart and notice when anyone is having a bad day. I try to do the most just to get a smile on someone’s face, even if the act doesn’t benefit me at because I just love making other people happy. In a split second I would give my last dollar to someone who is starving, even if I haven’t eaten as well because that’s just who I am. Another thing I’m proud of is my ambition. I won’t start anything I can’t finish. I will push myself to succeed in any activity or task, not just because I have to, but because I actually want to make sure I get everything I set up for myself done. My word is absolutely everything.One last thing that I’m proud of is my reliability and responsibility. My dad says all the time “Trust is absolutely everything” and I ride my that quote everyday. If someone asks me to do something I will give an honest answer to if I can or cannot. People can rely on me to be honest about anything they ask. Once again my word means everything and I standby it no matter what.
If I went to your college I would bring energy to the college. I will make the four years I have, the best years. I would be extremely responsible with all my academics because I really want to succeed at your college. I will be consistent with my grades as much as possible. I plan to get involved as possible into the school because I’ve noticed that involvement in extracurricular activities will make the year fly by. I also want to make a name for myself there. Not to be the absolute best, but jus to be known for a good reason.

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