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Class of 
Combo Guard
Contra costa college
Desired Major:
Liberal arts major

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My story is very unique but very motivating even for me as I write this. I went to El Camino HS in Sacramento Ca, first year playing organized basketball was freshman year. I had a pretty good HS career I averaged about 23 a game sophomore year and then senior year about 20. As Hs was coming to a end I was like a lost child I didn’t know what to do next . I didn’t take my SAT on top of that I didn’t know anything about college I just knew I wanted to continue. I ended up going to ARC but I came to late because I thought I was going to a different jc but that didn’t work out, because I came late I was not able to play that year leaving me to workout for a whole year and during that year I met this guy who played at Boise state. He really liked my game and we ended up talking I told him my story and he contacted his coach for me at contra costa college. I went up there and it all was good. Until things went south, I was sleeping in my car, staying with people I barely knew, going from couch to couch and having little to no money. My first year was ok I had some ups and downs but that was expected. Then my sophomore year comes I’m still struggling still sleeping in my car or staying with people for a few days here and there. I was giving my all for this coach but the problem was is he didn’t have my best interest at heart. 6 games in he kicked me off for no reason and yes I know coming from a player that’s hard to believe but I have proof. I was left thinking my basketball career was over I started trying to get my year back but then realized that was a slim chance. I took things into my own hands and proceeded to contact coaches and use my resources knowing it would be extremely hard giving the circumstances. I talked to a few D2 coaches and D1s but it was a tough situation so i has workouts lined up for the end of the season. Then I ended up getting a call from my coach and he asked me to come back. I knew I wasn’t getting my year back so I wanted more film to show other coaches but that wasn’t the smartest idea I could have made. So the season ends and my stats are not up to par due to all of this. But I have film that shows I can play so I manage to have a few coaches say I can workout. Then boom three days before my first showcase and 1 week before my first workout Covid-19 hits messing up everything. Right now I am left in the desert doing everything in my power to make something happen I know I have that drive and will to do what it takes all I need is one just one coach to give me a chance a opportunity to prove myself.

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"He can defend at a high level. He makes a lot of hustle plays."

Recruit Nation - Regional Scout

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"A very athletic player. Runs the floor well and is a streaky shooter."

DSN - Scouting Director


8 points
4 rebounds
2 Assist
1 block
1 steal