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Class of 
Bishop Kelley High School
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Desired Major:
Computer Science or Information Systems

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My name is Devyn Trujillo, I currently play baseball for a highly competitive travel team named the OKC Ambassadors and attend Bishop Kelley High School. I played JV and Varsity as a Freshman and a Varsity starter as a Sophomore.

Baseball is not only my hobby but it is my career, my passion, and my discipline. Some details in my life that have influenced the way I am are my grades, my talent, and my hardworking mindset. I am an easy learner and a fast learner. One of my mottos is “hard work beats talent when talent fails to do hard work”, this makes me want to put in hard work so that I am the best.
I was very young when I decided I wanted to play baseball at a high level. I picked it because I thought it was fun and I seemed to have a natural talent with it at a young age. I also wanted to play a different sport because my dad played basketball, and he ran track. I have learned many things from playing baseball like that I am pretty strong. Also, I am friendly I can usually fit in comfortably with any group of teammates. One more thing is I am very competitive.

My academic goals for high school are to achieve a high GPA to get into a competitive college, meaning at 3.8 or higher. I want to work hard and balance school and baseball. Also, I want to work hard and be the best on my high school team. I have had to overcome many obstacles during life so far.

Considering I have been one of the shorter kids so I have to work extra hard so that I can fit in with the other people on my team. One of my main challenges has been overcoming adversity from previous coaches and teachers, that didn’t see the talent in me that I see in myself.

Unique characteristics I possess are that I have the determination to work until something is close perfect or completely finished. I put God first in everything that I do, without God NOTHING is possible. I keep a calm attitude when people try to rattle me and know that God is on my side.

Lastly, I love to hang out with family. I have a big wonderful family that supports me in everything I do. One of my favorite things to do is have a family game night, hangout by the pool, or just relax with them on the couch and watch a funny movie. My extended family is hilarious and they can find the fun in any situation. I like to have their attitude when times get hard, knowing that you can always find a positive note in each situation.

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"He ended his season with the best hitting average. He consistently gets on base. He also has quick hands and ball placement."

Recruit Nation - Regional Scout

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"He is a team leader. He does what it takes to win. He makes all the hustle plays. He is a competitor."

DSN - Scouting Director



Infield Velocity: 80
60 Yard Dash: 6.98
Exit Velocity: 79-80
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