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Humboldt high school Tennessee
Desired Major:
buissues managment

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Cody Williams


Mr. Ballard

Why I want to play College Football

The reason for me wanting to play college football all started when I was a young kid around the age of five years old. As being a young kid growing up, I had nothing my family struggled, fought, lived check to check, and I never knew were my next meal would even come from. Football is all I have it’s my only hope out this life I am living and it is not always been easy going for me, but I have managed to push and devote myself to the game even more over the past couple of years. I play this sport not only to make myself happy but to also make my mom and family proud this sport will allow me the opportunity to help my mother to get her out of the struggling life that she has to live. In “Jeremiah 29:11 "'For I Know The Plans I Have For You' Declares the Lord, 'Plans to Prosper you and Not to Harm You, Plans to Give You Hope and a Future.” I look at it like me hitting a bigger thing in life and becoming a lot stronger physically, mentally, emotionally, and working a lot harder to continue to improve my skills. As being a football player I have learned that I don’t just play the sport for myself but that I also play the sport for others that are around me, because it’s not just about me but it is about my teammates, coaches, staff who are willing to help, athletic director, and even the booster club members who are willing to travel and make things happen for the team. This game to me is not just any game but it shows me the way of life it is my life this game shows me discipline, gratitude, respect that I may have never known I had, and even responsibilities this game is my life . There is nothing more to me without football and when I do not have football I feel empty like the world is caving down on me, so yes it's easier for me to give my all to football, because I use it in a different way I use it personally while some others may use it for just fun I use it because it's all I have and all I ever wanted. Football is like a temple in my life, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.” means that God does not want harm to come over my life but he wants peace for my life, he wants to encourage me to continue on doing what is great in my life, and that is playing football, he is giving me hope through the hard time’s, he wants me to prosper no matter how hard it may get, and he is also giving me hope to understand that a better life is yet to come. I believe God has a greater plan that is in stored within me from him and that plan is for me to continue my legacy from High school football to college football, and to also encourage others to never give up on their dreams in life. Football is my future it is for me rather it’s on that field or off the field. Football is a sport I deeply love it has been rooted deep into my heart since I was a kid it thrives through my body everyday it’s all I think about. If it wasn’t for football, I would be either dead, in jail, or even lost in ways I couldn’t think of. Football is my way of life this game to me is a way I live I understand that my mindset has to be there in order to become something greater to become something everyone in life would have never expected for me to be. All my life people said, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” and I would always say back a football player and they would laugh of course because that was not always the typical answer they were looking for something simple like a police officer, but what they did not understand God had already had my future planned out before I was born. Football has been the only thing in my life that has not left me it’s the sport I love the most. Most people ask why do you want to play college ball? “I just smile, because it’s not a why, it’s a when I play college football everything will than make perfect sense.” Nothing in this world would come between the game I love and my college education, because this is my destiny. I truly first and for most can thank my coach Anthony Ballard he has been like a father to me since my middle school year of football, he has truly been like the father I never had, because my father and I are not close with each other. If it had not of been for Coach Ballard pushing me, motivating me, keeping me under his wing, and loving me I do not know were I would be. I love coach Ballard like a father and I really appreciate him for not giving up on me even when I quit football he still was on me to come back because he knew even for himself that I was destined to do great things with the sport off football. I have quit at a point in my life when I was at my lowest and he still didn’t allow me to give up, when I quit football it was like I lost everything I worked hard for. I was broken inside when I allowed my problems to cause me to quit football, but I truly learned from that moment forward that no matter hard my life gets the game will forever stand tall within my life. I will never forget that this game is what saved me and it’s all I must succeed. “I will not quit, I will Succeed” I will make it”. I am Cody L. Williams and this is why I will play college football.

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