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Is it your dream to play sports at the collegiate level?  Have you worked hard with your team, performed well in the classroom, yet you are overlooked in the recruiting process?  Don't worry...there is still time to build your recruiting exposure and college connections.  The Dream Scouting Network has helped thousands navigate the recruiting process.   Let me tell you a little about myself and how my knowledge and experience will help you every step of your recruiting journey.
I was born in Kentucky where I grew to love the sports of baseball and basketball. I played both sports for 25 plus years at every level until I graduated from college. I attended Kentucky State University with an earned Bachelors of Arts degree in Early Elementary Education with a minor in English. While attending Kentucky State University, I was a two sport athlete where I played baseball and basketball. As I began to self evaluate my strengths and weaknesses in college, I made the decision to become a single sport athlete so that I could be successful on the athletic field and the classroom. At the conclusion of college, I went on and played minor league baseball for five years, which taught me a great deal about myself and the growth process in life. While playing in the minor leagues, I also worked towards earning my Masters degree in Education Administration. At the conclusion of my brief career, I began teaching elementary school and completed my degree at Ashland University in Columbus, Ohio. Prior to me beginning my Doctorate degree, I was blessed to have two sons born within four years of each other. When they became of age to participate in sports, I coached their baseball, basketball, and football teams. I also took on a promotion within the school system and became an administrator for 17 years. Between managing my time with my sons, coaching their sports, and my church responsibilities, I also completed my Doctorate degree in Educational Leadership from the University of Phoenix. In closing, if I was to review my life's story and the biggest obstacle that I've had to overcome it would be picking up my life from the ground after the tragic death of my first born. In life we all face obstacles regardless how well we plan, the amount of money we possess, or the degrees we have received from various colleges or universities. Life is about how well we get over those obstacles and use the experiences as stepping stones to successes in our future! I want to be able to share with a student athlete and family that if I can make it through the obstacles, then you can do it as well!
The first step is to complete our player spotlight.  Be sure to list my name as your referral so I can quickly make an evaluation.  Please provide a link to your highlight video to help me develop a plan of action.  After evaluating your recruiting information, I will contact you for a national feature and to discuss your goals and any potential barriers you may face in your recruiting.  Your national feature will be shared to our 80 thousand followers and our network of college coaches.  
I want to help you achieve your dream of making it to the next level.  As a team, we will work to find the best academic and athletic fit, ultimately receiving a great education, while saving your family thousands in college tuition fees.

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