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Is it your dream to play sports at the collegiate level?  Have you worked hard with your team, performed well in the classroom, yet you are overlooked in the recruiting process?  Don't worry...there is still time to build your recruiting exposure and college connections.  The Dream Scouting Network has helped thousands navigate the recruiting process.   Let me tell you a little about myself and how my knowledge and experience will help you every step of your recruiting journey.
I was born and raised in California. During high school I played, excelled and loved the game of football. I finished high school on a very successful football team with other talented players. With the lack of recruitment knowledge and area exposure I got lucky enough to draw the attention of the Athletic Director from the University of California Santa Barbara.I excepted the only offer I received to play at UCSB. I struggled with a disability that kept my dream of actually taking the field at the next level from coming true. Made my home in Washington State a few years later, where I got the opportunity to play Semi-Pro Football for a great organization in Western Wa for 3yrs. After my four kids were born (Boys) I began volunteering in our communities. Started out helping out on their sports team. As my kids grew older, I began taking on larger roles in youth sports in our area. From helping start up a charter program for our local high school to helping establish,run and coach in our 7on7 organization. Being a youth coach and the parent of student athletes looking to play at the next level. I began learning and researching the ends and outs of the recruiting process. A long and tedious challenge for a parent with no help,support or college connections. Years of trial and error I'm now finally at the point in this journey that I fully understand what it takes and is needed for a student athlete to successfully make it to the next level.The reward in all this was getting my third oldest into a University that he loves, that was interested in him as a player and person and the skills he could grow on and contribute to the program on top of getting a great education. I've always had a passion to help more student athletes achieve the dream of making it to the next level. With as much time you have to put into the recruiting process and the lack of connections I had, I really could not help as many kids as I'd liked. Now being with Dream Scouting Network I have the tools,the support and the unlimited connections to help any student athlete that needs or would like the extra guidance and exposure to get to the next level. The same passion and determination I used to get my student athlete to college, I will use for yours.
The first step is to complete our player spotlight.  Be sure to list my name as your referral so I can quickly make an evaluation.  Please provide a link to your highlight video to help me develop a plan of action.  After evaluating your recruiting information, I will contact you for a national feature and to discuss your goals and any potential barriers you may face in your recruiting.  Your national feature will be shared to our 80 thousand followers and our network of college coaches.  
I want to help you achieve your dream of making it to the next level.  As a team, we will work to find the best academic and athletic fit, ultimately receiving a great education, while saving your family thousands in college tuition fees.

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